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Airhead Splines to 1984




K 75,K100, Spline Rebuilds & Repair

If your BMW spline looks like the ones in the pictures below, then it might be best to consider a spline repair for the Bevel drive and Driveshaft. If the U-joint shows wear, it can be replaced at the same time. Turn around time for this service is 5 to 7 days, plus shipping. If you don't have the tools to take the BMW Bevel drive apart, send it as shown in the picture below.

Pinion shaft repair is a more cost effective alternative to buying new. The material composition used at Bruno's to repair the pinion spline is of rather exotic nature and fully heat treatable up to 60 RWc. This process ensures a tuff core and hard tooth contact surface for greater impact strength and unlimited mileage in Years to come. The Spline is also a minimum of 9-10mm longer, which gives you an increase of at least 30% more tooth contact surface which will result in less wear due reduced pressure per square inch. Other rebuilders use Nickel based Alloys which are not heat treatable and stay medium soft.

The pinion spline is machined to Aircraft specifications and as a result the clearance tolerance to the drive shaft collar is much tighter, which eliminates driveline backlash.

Pre 1986 K - Models had a 16 tooth pinion spline installed; if yours is due for repair it will be updated to a 20 tooth system. If you have any more questions please contact [email protected]



Complete rebuilt BMW rear drive line splines include: pinion shaft spline 20 groove, new spline collar for the drive shaft with integrated grease reservoir, and a new  U-joint n

  10/32 pinion shaft with rebuild 20 groove spline machined to Aircraft specifications and heat treated, the overall length is increased by 9-10 mm for a increase of +30% tooth contact surface.
  New for K-Bikes

Drive shaft collars with integrated Grease reservoir for extended service life. With this innovative design feature you don't have to worry about a dry spline because Grease won't get lost into the hollow of the drive shaft tube, (it can only escape into the direction of the spline and will increase spline life!!!).

BMW Bevel drive with saw tooth shaped pinion shaft.
BMW 20 Groove pinion shaft with worn teeth.
This picture shows the razor sharp edges of the worn teeth.
  The teeth on this pinion are worn down to the point that the drive shaft ratcheted right over it.
10/32 and

11/31 pinion with drive shaft , all rebuilt at Bruno's.

 Spline Lube






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